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Choose Your Own Adventure: Summer Edition!


When I was a kid, THE best books to read were Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA). Basically, you would read through the pages and be asked to make all kinds of decisions about what you wanted to happen in the story. Depending on your choice, you’d have to flip to a different page on the […]

Extra Credit: Pottery


Enjoying SketchUp?  Here’s a challenge.  Use the Follow Me tool to create some original pottery.   Click HERE for directions.

Assignment 10 (All Grades): Rainbow Building


Look around the city and you’ll notice it’s full of buildings and monuments with arches. Using the Arc Tool, you can create elegant shapes for windows, doors, roofs, and much more!  Click HERE to learn how.        

Assignment 9 (All Grades): SketchUp Decorating


Now that you’ve created your beautiful house– it’s time to decorate!  In this tutorial you’ll learn about importing “components” from the Google 3D Warehouse.  Click HERE for directions.

Assignment 8 (All Grades): SketchUp to Blog


Now that you’ve created your first architectural work, it’s time to show it off!  Click HERE for directions on how to put an image of your SketchUp house on your blog.  In addition to the image of your house, please write: 1. what was most challenging about creating your house? 2. What are you most […]

Assignment 7 (All Grades): SketchUp- Roof and Wallpaper


Now that you’ve created a house, let’s add a roof and some wallpaper.  FYI, before you create the wallpaper download an image you’d like to use to your desktop.  Click HERE for the lesson.

Assignment 6 (All Grades): SketchUp Box to House


In Assignment 5 you created a box using SketchUp.  Now, let’s transform the box into a house.  Click HERE for directions.  REMEMBER: Open and save your documents in Dropbox.

Assignment 5 (All Grades): SketchUp Box


Now that we’ve grasped the pain and loss, seen the heros, and viewed the memorials for 9/11, it’s time to create our own memorial. Over the next few months we will learn how to use Google Sketchup to create buildings, art, and all sorts of other objects.  Let’s begin by creating a simple box.  Click […]

Assignment 1 (All grades): Talent Development


So here’s your first assignment.  Watch THIS video and copy the letter below onto your blog.  Fill in the asterisks with your own ideas. Dear fans of my blog, First off, I want to tell you what a * summer I had.   Not only did I * , but I also *.  One thing that I didn’t […]

The Break-in: Girlfriend’s Story


We’ve heard from the boyfriend who broke into his girlfriend’s social networking account.  Now it’s time to hear what the girlfriend has to say. Click HERE to watch The Break-In: Girlfriend’s Story.  Then click below to choose your answer: A) Contact the king of the internet and have him banned for life. B) He’s a Stalker, […]

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